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Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection

Free Resources for Students, Parents and Mental Health Practitioners

In an effort to reach a wider audience and help more people in need, university counseling centers have turned to the web to share valuable information on the subjects and topics they address in real life. These “virtual” counseling pamphlets are designed to provide information about steps one can take to deal with a particular issue or problem and answer common questions. These online resources can be incredibly helpful for anyone looking for information on topics such as anxiety, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders and suicide prevention.

Compiled by many universities around the world, this resource list brings together virtual student counseling pamphlets, articles, assessment tools and other helpful information that can help students, parents and mental health practitioners learn more about a variety of mental health and wellness subjects. We are constantly adding new resources and virtual student counseling pamphlets, so be sure to bookmark and check back often for updates.

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Note: The information contained in these virtual pamphlets and other resources is not intended to substitute for help from a qualified mental health professional. Opinions expressed in a virtual pamphlet from one university does not necessarily reflect those of other universities or mental health experts. Contact us if you know of any good resources we should include, or if you find any broken links.

Virtual Pamphlets

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Abuse – Marquette University

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Alcoholism and Substance Misuse – Miami University

Alcohol & Marijuana: When to Be Concerned and What to Do – University of Washington

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention – East Central College

Warning Signs of Substance Abuse – Drexel University

Drug and Alcohol Health Effects – Western Kentucky University

Illegal Drugs & You – University of Puget Sound

Prescription Drugs & You – University of Puget Sound

Alcohol and Drinking – Massey University

Alcohol and Other Drugs – University of Queensland

Alcohol Self-Assessment – University of Texas at Dallas

Alcohol Self-Evaluation – Kansas State University

Alcohol Overdoes and Medical Amnesty – University of Minnesota Duluth

Smoking Cessation – University of Texas at Austin


Anger Management – Union College

Anger Management – NC State University

10 Tips to Tame Your Temper – University of New South Wales

Understanding and Coping with Anger – Iona College

Managing Anger – University of Queensland

Manage Your Anger, Take Control of Your Life – San Francisco State University

Overcoming Anger and Aggression – California State University Long Beach

Warning Signs of Anger – San Jose State University

How Do I Know if I Have a Problem with Anger? – Ohio State University

Defusing Anger in Others – Easter Washington University


Coping with Anxiety – Georgetown University

10 Top Tips for Anxiety – University of London

Stress and Anxiety – University of California Berkeley

Anxiety Management Resource – University of South Wales

Normal Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder – University of Texas at Austin

Overcoming Social Anxiety – University of Texas at Dallas

What are Panic Attacks? – Massey University

Anxiety, Attitude & Stress – University of Cincinnati

Tips, Resources and In-Person Support for Managing Stress – University of British Columbia

Check Your Anxiety: Students Share What Works (and What Doesn’t) – Clemson University

Mental Health Resources for College Students – Maryville University

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Frequently Asked Questions About ADHD/ADD – Oregon State University

Assessment of Adult ADHD – University of Massachusetts Amherst

Evaluation and Treatment for ADHD – Penn State University

Strategist for ADHD: How Counselors Help Today’s Students Succeed – New York University

Coping Strategies for ADHD – University of Maryland

ADD/ADHD Psychological Testing – George Washington University

Should I Be Tested for a Learning Disability/ADHD? – California Polytechnic State University

Who Can Diagnose LD and/or ADHD? – California Polytechnic State University

ADD/ADHD Testing Referrals Frequently Asked Questions – Ohio State University

Document Requirements for Students Seeking ADHD Medications – University of Southern California

Career Counseling

Overview of Career Counseling – University of California Davis

Career Decisions – Kansas State University

Career Planning Milestones – Georgia College

Five Ways to Research an Occupation – Texas A&M

Informational Interviewing – Texas A&M

Common Career Myths – Texas A&M

Work Values – Texas A&M

My Career Development Steps – University of California Berkeley

Career Counseling & Assessments – University of Tennessee

Career Assessments for the Undecided Student – Citrus College

Career Planning Guide – Clovis Community College

Computers and the Internet

Computer Addiction – University of Texas at Dallas

Problematic Internet Use – University of Texas at Austin

Internet Addiction – George Mason University

Internet Addiction – University of California Davis

Internet and Computer Addiction – Pasadena City College

Internet, Computer, Gaming Addiction – University of Notre Dame

Internet Addiction and Academic Performance – Georgia State University

Internet Gaming Disorder and Other Computer-Related Addictions – College of the Desert

Pornography Addiction – University of Texas at Dallas

Social Media and Young People’s Mental Health – Flinders University

Causes of Social Media Addiction & Illness – Ashford University

Fighting Social Media Addiction – Central Michigan University

Digital Detox – University of San Francisco

Cultural Issues

Crossing Cultures: Adjusting to Your New Community – Kansas State University

Cultural Adjustment: A Guide for International Students – University of Texas at Austin

Model Minority Stereotype for Asian Americans – University of Texas at Austin

Symptoms of Culture Shock – Indiana University Bloomington

Cultural Adjustment Tips – Loyola University Chicago

Cultural Adjustment and Stress Management Strategies for International Students – Tufts University

Cultural Adjustment and Adaptation Phases – Ohio State University


Understanding Depression – Dartmouth College

Depression Center Toolkit – University of Michigan

What is Depression? – University of Texas at Dallas

What is Depression? – University of Otago

What Causes Depression – Santa Barbara Community College

Depression/Mood Disorder – Carleton College

Depression & Anxiety – Cornell University

Symptoms of Depression and Mania – University of Wisconsin River Falls

What is Bipolar Disorder? – University of Texas at Dallas

The Blues and Depression: What You Can Do to Overcome Them – Kansas State University

Building Healthy Self-Esteem – Queensland University of Technology

Dealing with Low Self-Esteem – Massey University

Rise Above Anxiety, Anger and Depression – California State University Long Beach

Positive Self-Talk – University of Michigan

Eating Disorders

Common Eating Disorders – Rutgers University

Disordered Eating Assessment and Treatment – University of Wisconsin Madison

Expectations for an Evaluation of an Eating Disorder – Marquette University

What Causes Eating Disorders? – Michigan State University

Friends with Eating Disorders – University of South Florida

How to Help a Friend or Loved One – Dartmouth College

Eating Disorder Support – University of Connecticut

Overview of Eating Disorders – University of California Davis

Body Image – University of Texas at Dallas

Body Image and Eating Disorders – Colorado State University

Body Image & Eating Disturbances – Georgetown University

Disordered Eating – Kansas State University

Eating Disorders – Texas A&M

Eating Disorders: Bulimia – Kansas State University

Eating Disorders: What Athletes Need to Know – California State University Long Beach

The Mindful Eating Program – University of Texas at Austin


Understanding Bereavement – Kansas State University

Grief and Loss – Cornell College

Grief and Loss – University of Queensland

Grief Reaction – University of Minnesota Duluth

Healthy Grieving – University of Washington

Grief – University of Texas at Dallas

Grief – Washington University in St. Louis

Living with Loss – University of California Davis

Dealing with Grief and Loss after a Suicide – Loyola University Maryland

Coping with Grief, Loss and Death – Creighton University

Death, Loss & Grief – Humboldt State University

Depression, Suicide and Grief – Virginia Commonwealth University


Psychiatric Medications and Psychiatry – University of California Berkeley

Psychiatric Services & Medication Management – Rutgers University

Basics of SSRI Antidepressants – Humboldt State University

About Anti-Depressant Medications for Depression – University of California Berkeley

Anti-Depressant Medications Q&A – Duke University

Information on Anti-Depressant Medication – Westfield University

Guide to Considering Medication for Depression or Anxiety – University of Missouri Kansas City


Relationships – Miami University

Relationship Tips – University of Texas at Dallas

Healthy Relationships – University of Chicago

Healthy Relationships – Kansas State University

Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships – University of Washington

Promoting Healthy Relationships – Eastern Kentucky University

Tips for Healthy Relationships – University of South Florida

Building a Healthy Relationship from the Start – University of Texas at Austin

Dating and Relationship Violence – University of Texas at Austin

Beyond Fear of Rejection and Loneliness to Self-Confidence – California State University Long Beach

Fighting Fair to Resolve Conflict – University of Texas at Austin

Assertive Communication Skills to Create Understanding and Intimacy – California State University Long Beach

How to Cope When Your Partner Leaves You – Massey University

Surviving a Breakup – University of Texas at Austin

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault – Drexel University

Sexual Assault – Brigham Young University

Sexual Violence Defined – University of Texas at Austin

Rape and Sexual Assault – University of Illinois

Unwanted Sexual Experience – University at Buffalo

Sexual Assault Healing – Northern Michigan University

Common Responses to Sexual Assault – Creighton University

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response – San Diego State University

Surviving Sexual Assault and Rape – Kansas State University

Rape Prevention, Reporting & Counseling – University of Massachusetts Lowell

Date Rape Drugs and Alcohol – Kansas State University

What to Do Immediately if You are the Victim of an Assault – State University of New York Brockport

Helping a Sexual Assault Victim – State University of New York Brockport

How to Help after Sexual Assault – University of Missouri

Sexual Orientation

Sexual Identity – University of Texas at Dallas

Sexual Identity – San Jose State University

Sexual Orientation – North Carolina State University

Sexual Orientation – Creighton University

Sexual Orientation – University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Worried About Sexual Identity? – The University of Maine

Gender Identity – San Jose State University

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity – Miami University

Valuing a Gay or Lesbian Self-Identity – Kansas State University

Coming Out – Loyola University

Thinking of Coming Out? – University of Washington


Sleep – University of Chicago

Sleep – University of California Davis

Sleep – North Carolina State University

Getting Good Sleep – Loyola University

Better Sleep – San Jose State University

Love Your Sleep – Northwestern University

Suggestions for a Good Night’s Sleep – University of Tennessee

Sleep Problems – Creighton University

Sleep Troubles Pamphlet – Texas Tech University

Sleep Deprivation – University of Wisconsin River Falls

Insomnia – Miami University

Sleep Hygiene – Brown University

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Kansas State University

What is Insomnia – University of Texas at Dallas

The More You Adderall, the Less You Sleep – University of California Davis

How Basking in Blue Light is Affecting Your Sleep – University of California Davis


Stress Management – University of Texas at Dallas

Stress Management – Dartmouth College

Stress Management – Miami University

Stress Management – Loyola University

Stress Management – University of Iowa

Stress Management and Prevention – University at Buffalo

Transforming Stress – Teas State University

Relaxation and Stress Management – Georgia Southern University

Managing Stress as a College Student – Brigham Young University

From Intellectual and Social Stress to Physical Symptoms – Kansas State University

Audio Relaxation Track: Muscle Relaxation – University of Texas at Austin

Audio Relaxation Track: Progressive Muscle Relaxation – University of Texas at Austin

Audio Relaxation Track: Deep Breathing – University of Texas at Austin

Audio Relaxation Track: Seated Meditation – University of Texas at Austin

Brief Relaxation Exercises – Texas A&M

Pressing Pause and Stressing Less – University of California Davis

Suicide and Self-Harm

Warning Signs of Potentially Suicidal Behavior – University of California Santa Cruz

Deliberate Self-Harm – The University of Queensland

Suicide & Self-Harm – Drexel University

Suicide Prevention – University of Denver

Depression and Suicide – California Institute of Technology

Guide to Suicide Prevention – Dartmouth College

Suicidal Threats and Mental Health – University of St. Thomas

The Student with Suicidal Tendencies – University of Maryland

Self-Harm Awareness – Purdue University Northwest

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